Settle For No Less


Why not wait for these words to come from the heart, by the love in your life?

Why not wait for these words to come from the heart, by the love in your life?

I can’t help but think that a lot of us dream of someone who would say these words about us or at least think them.

Than how come, more times than not, we settle for the person who may comment on some of the good qualities in us but also balance out those sweet words with a negative.  Why if this is what we dream about having, do we settle for less?   There can be many reason we don’t wait for “Mr. Right” and end up with “Mr. Right Now”.

We believe that no one really exits like this:  It could be from out past choices in men.  We have chosen for men that do not see into our souls.  The more we do that, the less we see the men of our dreams and think that all men are like the ones we have chosen so far.

We don’t think we measure up, without a partner:  Who wants to live alone and have to do the work of being our own reflection?  It’s more work we must do to find ourselves when we are alone.  Self worth must come from the things we do and feel and without someone to be the mirror for ourselves we may have not put the time in to believe in ourselves, to find out what we are truly made of.

We can’t be alone:  We have not found it within ourselves to find true happiness in the moment.  We have believed in the lie that if we are single, there must be something wrong with us, instead of believing that we are waiting, being patient, not settling and living in the faith that only when we can be ultimately happy with ourselves, can we bring real happiness and partnership into a relationship.

We get inpatient:  All of these choices steam roll into each other in supporting the disbelief that someone, other than our choices we have made so far, exists.  The less time we wait, the less choice goes into who we spend our time with.  The less “right” the man is, less faith that someone better suited for us exits, we in turn believe we will never find more.

The saying “good things come to those who wait” can be words to live by when our minds turn to why we are alone.

Remind yourself of this when you find yourself on the verge of choosing “Mr. Right Now”:

“I would rather be alone with myself, than with someone who treats me less than I deserve to be treated.”




One thought on “Settle For No Less

  1. We need to be careful when we are fighting for mother’s rights, not to condemn all men for the mistakes of a few. Contrary to how it can sometimes feel or appear to wounded women, not all men are out to hurt us and not all men are dishonest. We can judge an entire gender for our pain anymore than we would want to be blamed for the sins of all women. We are each unique in our nature as are men. If we find ourselves angry at all men, we need to do some work to find out why and change it. We will never know the beautiful side of love if we don’t.

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