Pain and Courage

Pain is a part of the human experience.  It cannot be avoided, neither run nor hid from, or shoved to the side for very long.  Part of life on this planet, honestly living, involves emotional pain.  Why is it then that our very nature is to try our best to pretend that it won’t exist for us?  That through diligent thought, manipulation and effort to control the environment and people around us, we may somehow avoid the inevitable, is one of the great illusions for human beings.

Even armed with the knowledge that after every storm comes the most beautiful and breathtaking sky, that storms much like feelings don’t last forever, we struggle to keep things constant.

The flow of the universe and all life within it is always changing and never constant.

In looking back through my life, I can see where in the moment, I didn’t understand why things had to happen as they did.  But as time separated me from those events I have been thankful for the things that happened and the lessons I learned as a result because it has taken me to the person I am today.

But fear keeps us from doing the things that our spirit craves.  It keeps us disconnected from others.  It keeps us from experiencing love, as we build walls of protection around our hearts.

The problem is that it keeps us from living.

Instead of leaping into living life and loving those who touch our lives, we say to ourselves, “This is how I will manage to get what I need without getting hurt.”

With black and white thinking, we don’t even realize that the answer is not in the opposite action, choices or direction we had done times before.  The answer is not in managing out lives at all.

Looking at our fears, taking the power out away by becoming conscious of them, relying on a power that is greater than ourselves and having the courage to step through them is where we find freedom.  Walking head on through uncomfortable feelings, having faith that joy most certainly exists and awaits us on the other side of fear, we find freedom.

When we constantly work to uncover our fears and shine a bright light on them, we move more easily through life and can be present to see the amazing things that God has placed in our path for us, that with our thinking mind in charge, we may just entirely miss.


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