To Thyne Own Self Be True

It never fails that when I am true to myself and I walk through fear, I gain a new sense of freedom.  If it weren’t for giving my will and life over to God, I would never have the power to live my truth.  It’s the source of the power I’ve gained to keep reaching towards enlightenment.

Fear causes me to compromise, ignore my intuition and suffer.  When I take a leap of faith and trust God, life gains new perspective.  I can’t explain how I know that when I let go that I will be taken care of.  I can’t explain how I trust that God will give me more than I would ever settle for.

It it just is for me.

There is definitely sadness in letting go of what no longer serves us, the ego is dying and it fights with everything it has to stay alive.  The comfort comes in my faith in the lessons learned and the promise of an amazing future.

As we grow, there is loss.  People come and go out of our lives.  It would be nice if those we love could come with us on the way upward and forward but for most, it just won’t be that way.

I am grateful for life today.

I plan to live it.



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