Freedom From Fear

Sometimes the hardest part of this spiritual journey is quieting my mind so that I can hear truth and honour it.

My sponsor told me there is no good and bad. There is only one truth. There is only what is. No matter what I do, I suffer only when I place judgement on what is.

I suffer when I don’t live my truth and when I have a mouthful of shit that I can’t say and I life I can’t live.

Fear plays a huge part in this. So she gave me a two week experiment to live without fear. When it comes up, push it aside, do what I need to do and say what I need to say. She promises me there is freedom in this and I believe her.

I’ve taken that challenge and it’s day three. Already I feel a new sense of peace. I feel a new level of freedom.

I’ve been dominated by fear my whole life. The only way for me to live a life worth living is to live as free from fear and as close to truth as I can get. If I am to go on this journey, I want to be as free as I can possibly be.

I learned that part of that is to allow myself to be there for those I love and push aside the fear of what I may feel about the results. I need to allow people their own experience and love them along the way. My job is only to love more and make it easier on them. Love is actually being loving. Love is patience and sacrifice. Love can only be real if it is separated from what I need.

I am still and always will be learning and growing.

It’s a humbling and amazing experience.


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