Protect Your Light

No human can save me from alcoholism.

No human can “fix” me.

No human can love me enough if I can’t love myself first.

No one can be good enough for me until I believe that I am good enough.

Untreated alcoholism looks like addiction to tragedy and suffering.

It looks like addiction to drama and running from everything that is good and full of light.

I was warned about a spiritual sickness where some people would suck the light and energy from me.

I have experienced this.

It’s something unconscious that happens. These people aren’t bad, just sick.

I was one of these people once.

There’s a lot to be said for protecting our space. For knowing our limits and not giving up our light for ANYONE. No matter how much we love them.

It’s frustrating to see what others cannot recognise about themselves. To see people struggle, to see people choose to live in sad stories and pain, is almost too much to watch sometimes.

We must let these people go and find their own way. Staying too long can drag us down.

I refuse to live trapped on this earth by ego, abstinent from mood altering substances. If I am to live, I must live free and find what I was seeking all along…

A spiritual experience.

One thought on “Protect Your Light

  1. I want to add to this post that I do not believe I am better than any other human on this planet because I have been granted the gift of clarity and consciousness greater than most. It is exactly that, a gift I didn’t ask for. With this gift I believe comes tremendous responsibility. When I speak of watching others suffer, it is with empathy, love and a desire to see people awaken as well. As being in human form, I have the same human emotions. I’m striving for growth, not perfection. There is no judgement on the spiritual paths of anyone on this planet because I believe in the divine plan and that I don’t know what that is. All I can do is give love. But I can’t help anyone else unless I first protect the light within me.

    If this blog is something anyone takes issue with then there exists freedom to not read it. It is my opinions, beliefs and voice in the world. It has to be my place to speak my truth.

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