I need to be reminded

I have alcoholism.

I heard a speaker the other day say we should be alternately called “Amnesiacs Anonymous” because even though we can be spiritually connected and well one day doesn’t mean that we don’t completely forget everything we know the next.

For some of us, the disease has progressed to the point that we need at least a daily reminder of the nature of our illness and help taking the steps to treat it.

Sometimes we need it multiple times a day.

Life is a gift.

God wants us to be happy.

Sobriety, a day without the chains of being driven by the need to drink or use, is a gift that some never even know is an option.

We never know if we have tomorrow. We never know if others will have tomorrow.

It’s important to live in today, do what we can do today and say what we need to say today.

My sponsor said to me, “Why are you taking everything so seriously? Have fun. You can do what you want, just don’t drink or use or you’re going to miss it all.” She said a lot more than that and I’m probably paraphrasing but the point is to live each day of life while I still can.

There is no right and wrong choice to make, just choices.

Also, a mentor I met with this morning told me that if I’m always looking behind me to what has happened, I’m going to miss the opportunities, people and experiences that are right in front of me.

So as I need to remember, always and everyday, peace, happiness, serenity and God, I only find in the now.

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