Standing In The Light

We cannot go into the darkness to save anyone.

We can only stand in the light and take the hand of those who are willing to step into the light with us.

That is truth.

It’s sad to see another human we love suffer. It’s hard when we have been granted freedom from our own suffering by taking action with the solution.

We know without a doubt that it works.

We want this for others.

But like a mother on an airplane who is instructed to place the oxygen mask first before placing it on the mouths of her children, we have to build within ourselves if we hope to be of any help to another human being.

If we were to offer to help place the oxygen mask on someone who can’t do it on their own and they were to refuse the oxygen mask, do we stay and struggle to force it while vital seconds of survival tick away?

There may be someone in another part of the plane crying for help, wanting the mask, willing to accept the gift of life.

We don’t get to choose who wants joy, freedom, happiness, love, connection and life.

It is true powerlessness.

By standing in the light, putting out goodness into the world, loving without conditions, we get to help create spiritual warriors on the planet.

Today I will stand in the light and look for those who are reaching up their hands for help.

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