We are not the physical

“Synchronicity is an interconnection with the Universe with an underlying web of linkages that brings people and events together in a way not based in a traditional comprehension of causality.”

The higher our awareness, the more we raise our consciousness, we begin to realize that we less our actual physical form but spiritual beings in a human form. The ideas and labels that have separated us from our fellow humans start to fall away.

We are not our bodies, our gender, sexuality or race.

We are a soul, a spirit, an energy, a piece of the universe.

When we start to loose focus on the distraction of the physical world we can start to see truth and move towards God.

My highest purpose is to shine love and light into the lives of others, adding to the endless reaching ripple effect of positivity.

As I strive to evolve towards unconditional love, away from self and ego, I move closer to my true destiny.

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