Amends to self

My intention is to not repeat the same behaviours, at least not consciously.

This is a commitment I make to myself as part of my living amends to myself.

I commit to speaking my truth no matter what the consequences.

I commit to not avoiding pain, love, conflict or difficulties but to meet them head on.

I commit to not running when things get to be uncomfortable, especially from those who are important to me.

I commit to rigorous honesty, with myself and others.

I commit to loving others without conditions, whether or not I understand their words, feelings or actions and especially when these words, feelings or actions personally affect me.

I commit to honouring other human being’s feelings, because as Pat Allen says, “Feelings are not negotiable.”

I promise not to withhold my love of others out of punishment, not to shut others out, hurt others intentionally or manipulate situations and people for my own selfish ends.

I promise to understand rather than seek to be understood, to comfort rather than seek to be comforted and to love rather than seek to be loved.

This is self love.

This is working a program.

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