Waltz of Souls



silence sings
to listening hearts
kindling a fire
that is born
of inner spark

be still and feel
the birth of the song
from fibers of your skin
to the atoms of your core
it is angelic melody flowing
gently pulling us along

when you’re ready to break free
from your thought seeds
of distant tomorrow
and lifeless pasts
with prayer on lips, a surrendered heart
you’ll find your self
with wings expanding
in ethereal realms

when the soul takes flight
in those heavenly skies
open, receiving hands
start brimming with light

in pure surrender of celestial stirring
seven veils are uplifted
and shadows die

rendered speechless
in the awakening,
exalted hearts
waltz in union
at Love’s sight


Written in collaboration with Himani B. A beautiful and sweet soul, that constantly encourages and inspires me. A big THANK YOU to her 🙂 If you are interested in some of…

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