Finding Peace Today

Surrendering to the divine plan of the universe is so much easier than trying to exert my will against it.

There is nothing to figure out.

Today I need do nothing but just be the creature God intended me to be.

I just need to do the next thing presented to me.

If I just stay present, out of the allusion of self and serve others with love, I can be at peace.

3 thoughts on “Finding Peace Today

  1. From the “outside looking in” I think it next to impossible for our egos to figure out anything! Thank God that we do not have to rely on our self for answers. Simply ask the One in you Who knows you as God created you to reveal the Truth. He cannot fail to do so, though we all elect how much we can accept at any given time. You’re so right, there is nothing to figure out and we need do nothing. God’s plan requires no exertion but only acceptance. We just need to get out of the way!

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