Surviving The Fellowship

Someone said to me recently that we alcoholics not only need to survive alcoholism but then we must survive the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

People in the fellowship, although most are seeking a spiritual solution, are not the most mentally stable and healthy people on the planet.

AA is a small world even in the big city where I live. So the problem is when someone screws over someone else in the program, people know about it.

Then when a person who has caused wreckage and harm to another happens to end up speaking at a meeting and is clearly dishonest about their account on things that have happened between them and others, there are many who happen to be sitting in the meeting that know the truth.

It’s hard to hide these things in the fellowship.

This is one of the main reasons that I keep my side of the street clean and conduct myself with integrity.

I know I need this fellowship to survive and I would always want to respect it and those in it so that I not only know that I am being a good person but also so that I know I am respected by others that I have constant contact with.

As for other people in the program, well they have their own journey and will learn by experience how to act and what kind of life they want to live.

That is not up to me.

My part is taking care of myself.


3 thoughts on “Surviving The Fellowship

    • The most important thing to me is living by the traditions and principles of AA in ALL areas of my life. I just need to continually work on my expectations that others will do the same. I am childishly naive too when it comes to trusting others. I’m working on being more discerning when it comes to who I allow into my life.

      • We have no control what others do and say, only ourselves. What others think is none of my business.

        Boundaries, both to establish as well as observe, takes time. Being aware means that your already into the solution.

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