My Hand In His

Why is it that you meet certain people and immediately you feel connected, comfortable, close and it’s just…


Like things just fall into place, there’s no struggle, no need to try, it’s just right.

Can it be called chemistry, destiny, magic, meant to be?

The gravitational pull of two people to each other, a perfect meeting of souls, a spark fanning flames of desire, an unexplainable need to know someone, encompasses you.

When you just fit together perfectly, effortlessly, beautifully, sinking in to one another, melting at each touch, you thank God for being blessed with the experience.

It’s like when I look in his eyes and can hide nothing, because everything I’m feeling is told in my eyes, and I see everything in his.

Whatever you call it, however we try to quantify it, it exists.

It’s just as real as the water in the pool I’m dipping my feet in right now.

It’s as real as my cold hand in his as we walk a dark trail to find the lights.

When I look at him my heart beat ripples like soft waves echoing outward from the pull of the moon.

Do I care so much why this is happening, or what it is that’s happening?

Or do I just allow it to be?

I think I’ll just allow it to be the beauty that it is.

And stay right here for now.


3 thoughts on “My Hand In His

  1. Hello! I am happy to be here and reading your post. It’s such a nice one. Some relationships actually seem to be made in heaven. Of course, we still have the duty of nurturing them otherwise its easy for romance to turn into disillusionment. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Have a great day!

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