The Sign

I used to run a “spirit group” with my clients at my job. Each week the topic was based on a spiritual principle or practice and the goal was to talk about how to apply it to our daily living.

I liked to take a hands on approach because many nights clients were tired from a long day or had short attention spans and didn’t love being “talked at” for an hour. In cases when that happened during their day of treatment, they would just fall asleep.

So one night I asked them to draw a picture of their higher power. However they connected with God, I asked them to put it down on paper, with markers, colored pencils, stickers, etc.

I had made a sample for them, something I had whipped up in five minutes, just to show them what I had meant. I didn’t think when I was drawing my higher power, I just did it, quickly.

A few weeks later I had begun to go through a rough period. I was straying from the path and I was asking God why I felt so far away, so “disconnected”. I had begun to feel scared, alone, doubtful.

I so yearned to feel the comfort again that came from being close with my creator.

One day I was driving the clients on a field trip and I didn’t really want to be there. I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to sulk. But I showed up to work anyway and just went with it. As I walked into the place we had arrived at, I stopped, took a breath and said, “God, please, show me a sign you are still with me. Show me I’m not alone.”

I looked up around me at the scenery that was surrounding us.  I had never seen this place up until that moment, and I started to cry. I cried because the first thing I saw was the exact thing I had drawn weeks before in my little sketch of a picture, displaying how I connect with my higher power.

Every time I start to feel separate, I pull up these pictures so I will never forget.  When I am reminded of what I saw that day and what I had already drawn weeks before.  I know in my heart, I am never alone, because we are one.


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