It’s hard not to get swallowed up by the insanity of it all.

When life gets crazy and people get crazy, I just need to stayed firmly grounded in my center. Fear pervades these humans around me and I see all the damage it creates. Fear creates all harm on this planet. It’s the root of it all, which I equate with the darkness.

People hurt other people with the things they do and say. Respect and kindness gets lost. Anxiety increases and ripples through everyone involved. Anger and frustration rise.

Blame gets thrown in all the wrong places, though there never is a “right place” to throw it.

All I can ever do is rest in the fact that I am true to myself, that I do the best I can, that I respect those around me, and I do the right thing. I am unwilling to let the chaos suck me in. I refuse to take on the fear that others try to pass on.

I stay in love and in peace knowing that people will be okay, even when going through emotionally hard times. I always ended up okay, and so will everyone else.


A Small Prayer

It’s funny how the human part of me needs much of everything. The desire for community, safety, companionship, intimacy, success, love, drive my attitudes and actions. I’m always wanting but no matter how much I seek outside myself, it’s never enough.

I play this game of life and yet spirit knows it’s just a game. It’s all just a creation, a story I’m making. It means a lot, yet it means little. How often do I go down dead end roads expecting to find a pot of gold when all there is is a dead end. An end or a beginning or both? When I can look within to find a soul that is just looking to be freed, when I let all earthly desires go like sand through my fingers, I find peace and love unconditional.

God, let me be free today and help me to stop looking for false happiness. Help me find something real, something that lasts.

Help me to know you and feel close to you, all the moments of my life.

Story of the favorite shoes

But you’ve grown
Those shoes don’t fit
Favorite shoes, I know
You loved them
For so long

They were comfortable
And safe, and snug and right
The exact shoes you always imagined you’d wear
The ones you wanted
The ones you lost

For a long time you couldn’t find them
You searched and searched
But they were gone

You imagined all the places
You would go in those shoes
What you would and could do
In those shoes again

Dreamed about them,
woke up and realized
they were still gone
It was just a dream

You tried different,
beautiful new shoes
The best of the best,
But could not replace the shoes you lost
The ones you were set on having
All the amazing, fabulous shoes you tried on,
you just threw away

They weren’t your old favorite

Until one day,
You found those favorite shoes
There they were, almost like they never left
Never were lost
On cloud nine you were, reunited with those shoes
Filled with glee
you hugged them,
loved them

But as you put them on you suddenly realized
they did not fit anymore
You tried
to squeeze your feet in these shoes
they did not fit



One That Is All

A blade of grass in a golden field
A petal on a white rose in a bush
A bird in a flock flying high
A wave crashing on the shore

I am all of these
Under the believe I am separate
Not knowing I am the same
A living part of the whole

I am the ocean
and the other waves are me
I am all the petals on the rose, the whole field of grass, every bird, the sun and the moon

I am the night sky
The stars, the galaxies,
the nothingness

You will find me in the wind, the breath you take and the exhale

I am the love in your eyes,
the tears that run down your cheek, the sound of thunder, the laughter of children, the soil of the earth

I am the end and the beginning

It is in me that I find all that I seek,
because in me lies the everything that is and it expresses itself out there,
what is seen and unseen,
what is heard and unheard,
what is felt and what is not

It is all that are one
And the one that is all

Baby Blue Balloon

Hold my string around your finger
for I am the baby blue balloon at the other end
Floating, striving to reach greater heights
up over trees and buildings,
heading for the clouds

One little cotton string
connects me to it all
so don’t let go too soon

Lightly I glide,
gravity no match for me
Looking down from an areal view
as if I sat on the moon,
watching giant dancing patterns
of tiny humans weave over and around each other
in harmonious disarray

The patterns from my view
are in synch with the symphony of life
as the songs change
but the music keeps playing

Is this the big picture?
Or is there even more to see?

Don’t ask me to come down,
for it will never look the same
When I return home to the ground
will I forget what I learned?
Will I forget what it all meant?
when I was high in sky
weightless and careless
as a baby blue balloon

Your Jacket

Wrapped up in your jacket
But not through your sleeves
Your arms around your jacket and me

I can’t wiggle out
Why would I want to try
I tilt up my chin and catch your eyes

Brown with gold flecks
Looking down to the place
Where one finger brushes my lips and face

Resting my head
In the corner of your neck
Squeezing me tighter just to check

That I’m right here with you now
That I know where you are
That I feel us together
Under this winter moon and stars

I’m not leaving yet
I’m staying right here
This time and this moment
Sees us perfectly clear

Tonight With You

There were times I had resigned myself to being alone on this journey. I had been asked, “If God wanted you to be alone for the rest of this life, would you be willing?”.

My answer was yes.

If I felt that it’s was God’s plan for me, in order to fulfill my purpose, I absolutely would.

But then recently, out of the blue, when I least expected it, I met you. I knew right away that you would inspire me, guide me and at least for now, actually help me fulfill my destiny.

I looked into your eyes, and you didn’t turn away but looked right back at me and I saw past the mask and into your soul.

It’s the most lovely sight.

Your smile makes me smile.

Your laugh makes me laugh.

Your strength makes me feel safe.

Your embrace is warm and gentle.

We sway back and forth to the music that doesn’t exist, and you don’t let go until after I let go.

We lay back and stare at the stars and wonder what it’s all about.

If tonight was the last time we had and tomorrow didn’t exist, I would be thankful that I had this feeling, right here, with you now.

This whole dream is about connecting with others.

And I’ve been blessed to share this all with you.

The Risk

Every tiny decision carries us on this path to the place ahead of us that can’t be seen until we get there.

Choices that seem so trivial, yet every choice, every action, takes us further down a specific road.

Choices others make cause ripples too. If things others had done would’ve been different than the whole picture would have changed.

Any other time it may have been different. I may not have been ready to see you.

I could’ve not gone to this party.  I could’ve easily stayed home.

I do see you now.

I may have passed you up if things weren’t the way they are now, the way I am now.

I could’ve been too afraid to take a risk.

But I made a choice to take a risk on you the moment our eyes met, in a crowded room, full of music and laughter.

It seemed that everyone else vanished into the background and the music and laughter paused for just a moment.

You told me your name as I told you mine. We shared a nervous giggle as we spoke at the same time. You stuck out your hand and I reached for it.

And there it was. That thing that happens in an instant.

The feeling like you’ve always know one another, maybe in some other life.

I knew I was going to know you after that.

And I was right.

Where do we go from here?

Only the winding trail of the future knows.