The Risk

Every tiny decision carries us on this path to the place ahead of us that can’t be seen until we get there.

Choices that seem so trivial, yet every choice, every action, takes us further down a specific road.

Choices others make cause ripples too. If things others had done would’ve been different than the whole picture would have changed.

Any other time it may have been different. I may not have been ready to see you.

I could’ve not gone to this party.  I could’ve easily stayed home.

I do see you now.

I may have passed you up if things weren’t the way they are now, the way I am now.

I could’ve been too afraid to take a risk.

But I made a choice to take a risk on you the moment our eyes met, in a crowded room, full of music and laughter.

It seemed that everyone else vanished into the background and the music and laughter paused for just a moment.

You told me your name as I told you mine. We shared a nervous giggle as we spoke at the same time. You stuck out your hand and I reached for it.

And there it was. That thing that happens in an instant.

The feeling like you’ve always know one another, maybe in some other life.

I knew I was going to know you after that.

And I was right.

Where do we go from here?

Only the winding trail of the future knows.


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