Tonight With You

There were times I had resigned myself to being alone on this journey. I had been asked, “If God wanted you to be alone for the rest of this life, would you be willing?”.

My answer was yes.

If I felt that it’s was God’s plan for me, in order to fulfill my purpose, I absolutely would.

But then recently, out of the blue, when I least expected it, I met you. I knew right away that you would inspire me, guide me and at least for now, actually help me fulfill my destiny.

I looked into your eyes, and you didn’t turn away but looked right back at me and I saw past the mask and into your soul.

It’s the most lovely sight.

Your smile makes me smile.

Your laugh makes me laugh.

Your strength makes me feel safe.

Your embrace is warm and gentle.

We sway back and forth to the music that doesn’t exist, and you don’t let go until after I let go.

We lay back and stare at the stars and wonder what it’s all about.

If tonight was the last time we had and tomorrow didn’t exist, I would be thankful that I had this feeling, right here, with you now.

This whole dream is about connecting with others.

And I’ve been blessed to share this all with you.


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