The Love That I Am

Deep in the center of my being is light, a light that is love, a warmth that wants to love.

In my mind lies the desire to be loved, to feel it from somewhere outside of myself.

But the truth is that I will never feel love from somewhere else, the only love I will know, that I will feel,  is the love that is already within me.

When I allow myself to love, to go deep within, to release the barriers I have built to protect me from loving, there is an explosion inside my chest too big for words.

It’s indescribable.

Sometimes I feel so much it seems as though my human form cannot contain it.

Tears flood my eyes spilling onto my cheeks, and with each salty droplet of joy, I thank my creator for it all.

I am not thankful for someone loving me… I am thankful for the love that I already am.

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