The Confinement of Souls

Nothing matters more than single moments in time, when we look into someone else’s eyes, and we truly see, if only a glimpse of each other’s souls, and in those moments we know we are not alone.

We humans like to create stories around these moments, to chase the next moments and feel more of the same, creating labels like “best friend”, “lover”, “husband” or “wife” to claim these moments and ensure more of them.

Placing ownership on these souls who are never owned, but alway free, we unknowingly attempt to create cages for these souls, these moments, and try to understand them, to dissect them, to recreate them.

We do these things instead of just allowing them to be the unique and magnificent moments of life, found when connecting with another, no matter what the face or name of the one it is shared with.

We stop attempting to confine these moments when we come to understand that there is never a shortage of them, and there will always be an infinite amount of more.

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