Russell Brand’s The Messiah Complex

As someone who has been in a media coma for months and no longer watches television, reads the magazines at the check out line of the grocery store nor pays attention to the “news” of the world, I recently was referred to watch Russell Brand’s Messiah Complex tour.  It was brought to my attention by someone who I trust and know shares the same hopes for the raising of the planet’s consciousness so we may, as humans, be led to make the world a better place.

I honestly had no idea what his new tour was about, no idea what I was about to see nor why my friend thought I should see it.  It was truly amazing and has had a lasting effect on me.  I highly recommend that people check it out and can find the show in its entirety on Youtube.  

I didn’t know a whole lot about Brand and still don’t.  I honestly was never a fan of his work and the little I saw of him, I wasn’t really excited about.  However, after watching this show, which to me was absolutely brilliant, I have become absolutely fascinated with his transformation.  

It leads me to be compelled to discuss the question that I believe most people must be asking, what is happening with Russell Brand?

What I see is the raising of awareness, consciousness and an awakening of the spirit right before the public’s eyes.  Watching the transformation of a young person so desperately seeking fame for fulfillment, following the lie told to us from the time we are born in our current culture that money, fame and admiration equals happiness, to a drug addict/alcoholic who found a solution not only to stop using, but to awaken to the truth about his life and the interconnectedness of the lives of every human being on the planet, can only be described as miraculous.

This excites me to watch because I have now found myself yet again on the same spiritual journey.  As much as I have my own opinions on fame and those who relish in it, it seems to be for Brand and for the rest of us, the perfect venue to speak out and gain the much needed attention of the world as to how what the problem is and how we may go about creating lasting change.  

I have been aware for quite some time about the sickness that pervades our global population and all of it’s symptoms, yet had no answers as to what the solution to all of this pain and suffering would be… until now.

What I believe Brand is getting at is that the change must come from us first.  Until we realize that we are all the same, spiritual beings on a human journey, until we realize that we can tap into a power that carries us towards the light that can overcome the dark and give us wisdom aiding in learning to think bigger, beyond the power of what we now perceive as reality, the effort for change is futile.  We can only move towards a solution by raising the consciousness of ourselves first and then give it away to help raise another one person at time.  There was a time when I just didn’t know.  We don’t know until we know.  Then we can start helping in sharing not only the severity of the problem, but one by one we can share in the solution.

After watching The Messiah Complex, I was enthralled to watch an amazing interview he appeared in, A Brand New Politics with Mehdi Hasan, delving deeper into his message, which included questions by the audience asked of Brand as to what kind of actions he proposes to create change.  I highly recommend if you enjoy The Messiah Complex that you check out this interview as well.  

I used to believe that change would happen by addressing the policies and systems that control and enslave us, and to some degree that can be true, but the solution is bigger than that.  It has to start with God.  The good news that the God that lives in each one of us and has a purpose for us all, is bigger than the people, money and global systems that keep the public distracted with the physical world.

It’s awakenings like Brand’s and the work he is doing to share the message of hope and solution that create a ripple effect across the globe that touch each and every one of us who witness it.  In the same way, my awakening and compulsion to write on this topic today to share it with you, will hopefully create another ripple to start and reach all of you.  When you pass it on to others, and on and on it goes, there is no limit to the power of change.  

It starts within each one of us.  Today.