Time To Move On

When I feel guilt or shame over my own actions, I am not at peace and have more of a reason to be resentful at another.

The way to ease my soul is to do what I can to amend the situation and change going forward.

Blaming others is not the solution to mend my own unhappiness.

I may succeed in getting someone else to feel guilty over something, but the reason for my uncomfortableness is not fixed or healed by another’s feelings or attitudes.

The problem still resides within me.

Forgiveness does not mean I approve or agree with another’s actions, it means I accept their humanness and am ready to allow my heart to heal.

Forgiveness is so that I can move on.

To Amend

I regret ever making you feel

Not good enough

Not smart enough








Not special enough

Not worth it

Judged in any way.

It is my intention to not repeat this behavior.

Are there any other ways I have harmed you for which I am unaware?

What can I do to make it right?