It’s In The Giving

The illusion I had been chasing is that love from others will make me feel complete.

If only I could get you to love me I would feel like I am enough, safe, secure and happy.

Truth is that the amount of completeness and joy I experience is in direct proportion to my ability to give love to others.

Ego says be careful who you love.

Spirit says everyone is loveable.

Ego says love must be earned or deserved.

Spirit says I need nothing from you to love you.

Ego says withhold love in protection.

Spirit says love more and you will never feel harmed.

This is the kind of unconditional love doesn’t need anything in return.

It is pure.

It is lasting.

It is an unshakeable foundation for living.

You Are A Hero

You are wonderful because of your perfect imperfections.

The magic of your beauty comes from the scars life has left on you.

You didn’t always believe you would have anything to give the world.

You had no idea how precious you really were.

There is hope in the tragedy of your story.

Sometimes the only sense that can be made from the ways you have been harmed is to show others that it can be survived.

From the darkest of times your spirit has turned to shine bright.

Because there is a part of you that cannot be harmed.

Your flame illuminates the way because you honour your light.

You help your fellows because you understand truth that we are not separate at all.

We are all just a tiny parts of the whole.

All together moving towards a better existence.

You are a hero.

To Not Do Life Perfectly

I don’t want to have to be perfect

To manage my environment to feel okay

Or be driven by false ideas

I don’t want to play it safe

Or be careful



Shut down



Or scared

I want to be open to new people and experiences


To really, really live

To be free

To have fun

To take chances

Fall down, skin my knees and get back up

To love hard

Be close with another

To give all that I have in me to give

To share life with someone I admire

And most of all

Enjoy the whole show before it ends

Honoring That Voice

There is a voice inside me speaking clearly

It comes not from my head but from the center of my being

It wants me to give, love and serve others

Spirit wants me to just love and serve you

Right here

Right now

It wants me to follow where it leads

Ego wants to tell me otherwise

Oh but my past, the things I’ve done, the life I have led, the things that have happened, I won’t get what I need, everyone will leave me, I am who I have thought I was

Don’t trust

Be afraid to love

Let no one in

My story, my story, my story

Spirit says trust in me and you will be free

I am not my past

I am not that character I have played in my story

Through following the voice of my creator that lives inside me

By answering to that voice and no one else

Making no apologies for honoring the gift of knowing

I become who God intended me to be

My path becomes clearer

Purpose is revealed

I grow closer to the feeling of oneness and connection to all things in the universe

Walking through fear and constantly in trust

I find the freedom I have always been seeking


Nothing More Powerful Than Love

Love is the most powerful thing on the planet.

It doesn’t know space and time.

It drops even the strongest of defenses.

It pierces the hardest of hearts.

It carries us through darkness.

It heals human suffering.

More of it solves all perceived “problems”.

It reveals truth.

It connects us to the universe.

It creates life.

It performs miracles.

Give more of it today.


A Single Match

Today I stand in the light

My light

A single match lit with it’s flame burning brightly

Navigating through winds and rain

Storms though dramatically breathtaking

Eventually extinguish even roaring fires

Shielding from the elements to keep my glow

Small and unimportant

Yet resting on such responsibility

Leaning against other matches to ignite the torch of awareness

Brightening the path upward and onward for more to find their way

When dark is only the vacancy of hope

Cold the absence of love

Emptiness the lacking of God

Knowing that place very well

This tiny match pushes on from the repeating the past

And finds it’s home in the warm embrace of truth







Playing the victim hurts no one but myself. For so long I lived life blaming others for my troubles. Anger and resentment kept me spiritually sick and pretty miserable.

It blocks me from others and God.

When blocked from God, what keeps me from relapse?

As an alcoholic, I can’t afford to stay in anger and resentment.

I most always have had a part in my past problems. Whether it be the situations I placed myself in, my own actions, the people I brought into my life and the kind of choices I made, if I honestly look at myself I will find that I brought on this misery.

To cover up my own part, I get angry at others.

Not only can I find freedom from finding my part and letting go of anger but I grow spiritually and make better decisions, have better relationships and find more happiness.

By not playing the victim, I start creating my own destiny.

I am destined to repeat history if I don’t learn from it.

Forgiveness is not for others, it is for my own inner peace.

Today I will look at my part, learn from the past and forgive.

I will be free.

Wingless Angels

Universe of all things created

Is it time for truth so soon

When this fragile soul has been lifted up

Must it sink into lost memories unwanted, undeserved

An innocent child unprotected

Senseless occurrences leaving angel’s wingless

Youth stolen by faceless beings

Safety stolen

It must be time

Truth will cannot be hidden for eternity

There is no backwards but only pushing on

Trust is paramount

Embraced in warmth of the all knowing light

Safe in your presence my spirit rests

Hidden from dark shadows grasping from below

Standing In The Light

We cannot go into the darkness to save anyone.

We can only stand in the light and take the hand of those who are willing to step into the light with us.

That is truth.

It’s sad to see another human we love suffer. It’s hard when we have been granted freedom from our own suffering by taking action with the solution.

We know without a doubt that it works.

We want this for others.

But like a mother on an airplane who is instructed to place the oxygen mask first before placing it on the mouths of her children, we have to build within ourselves if we hope to be of any help to another human being.

If we were to offer to help place the oxygen mask on someone who can’t do it on their own and they were to refuse the oxygen mask, do we stay and struggle to force it while vital seconds of survival tick away?

There may be someone in another part of the plane crying for help, wanting the mask, willing to accept the gift of life.

We don’t get to choose who wants joy, freedom, happiness, love, connection and life.

It is true powerlessness.

By standing in the light, putting out goodness into the world, loving without conditions, we get to help create spiritual warriors on the planet.

Today I will stand in the light and look for those who are reaching up their hands for help.

I need to be reminded

I have alcoholism.

I heard a speaker the other day say we should be alternately called “Amnesiacs Anonymous” because even though we can be spiritually connected and well one day doesn’t mean that we don’t completely forget everything we know the next.

For some of us, the disease has progressed to the point that we need at least a daily reminder of the nature of our illness and help taking the steps to treat it.

Sometimes we need it multiple times a day.

Life is a gift.

God wants us to be happy.

Sobriety, a day without the chains of being driven by the need to drink or use, is a gift that some never even know is an option.

We never know if we have tomorrow. We never know if others will have tomorrow.

It’s important to live in today, do what we can do today and say what we need to say today.

My sponsor said to me, “Why are you taking everything so seriously? Have fun. You can do what you want, just don’t drink or use or you’re going to miss it all.” She said a lot more than that and I’m probably paraphrasing but the point is to live each day of life while I still can.

There is no right and wrong choice to make, just choices.

Also, a mentor I met with this morning told me that if I’m always looking behind me to what has happened, I’m going to miss the opportunities, people and experiences that are right in front of me.

So as I need to remember, always and everyday, peace, happiness, serenity and God, I only find in the now.