Watching Water

There is a lot to be learned by being present and observing one’s environment.

The smallest, most mundane thing can have the most amazing meaning and connection to all things.

As I sat by the pool in the hot sun, with the water completely still, I dipped just one toe in the water.

I watched as the ripples spread out in circles across the pool. When finally, it reached one of the chlorine dispensers floating in the pool, circular ripples bounced off and outward, eventually crossing over the ripples from my toe. When the ripples finally reached the edge of the pool, it bounced back, creating a giant pattern of ripples.

I took a step back and looked at the pool, once still, that now was dancing with a multitude of waves and ripples, vibrating all throughout.

It dawned on me that this is what we do, everyday with our words and actions. A small thing like a smile, vibrates outward to everything it touches. And then that object or person reacts back outward into the universe, touching more and more people, reaching farther and farther distances.

Can a tiny act of kindness reach across the entire globe and cause great things to happen?

Can magnificent, beautiful and perfect change happen from one simple loving thing?

I believe so.

All you have to do is just watch water.

My Hand In His

Why is it that you meet certain people and immediately you feel connected, comfortable, close and it’s just…


Like things just fall into place, there’s no struggle, no need to try, it’s just right.

Can it be called chemistry, destiny, magic, meant to be?

The gravitational pull of two people to each other, a perfect meeting of souls, a spark fanning flames of desire, an unexplainable need to know someone, encompasses you.

When you just fit together perfectly, effortlessly, beautifully, sinking in to one another, melting at each touch, you thank God for being blessed with the experience.

It’s like when I look in his eyes and can hide nothing, because everything I’m feeling is told in my eyes, and I see everything in his.

Whatever you call it, however we try to quantify it, it exists.

It’s just as real as the water in the pool I’m dipping my feet in right now.

It’s as real as my cold hand in his as we walk a dark trail to find the lights.

When I look at him my heart beat ripples like soft waves echoing outward from the pull of the moon.

Do I care so much why this is happening, or what it is that’s happening?

Or do I just allow it to be?

I think I’ll just allow it to be the beauty that it is.

And stay right here for now.

First Kiss

A first kiss with magic dust sprinkled on top.

Or was it the first?

Maybe in this existence, this time and space, this human experience, this was the first, but in many other lifetimes it had already happened.

Maybe when our souls met somewhere before now but we just don’t remember.

It tingled like the first, but had something familiar about it, like a connection, a comfort and safety known before.

Brought together in a twist of life’s intricate web woven, crossing paths at exactly this moment in time.

To have this first kiss yet again, to experience it yet again, to keep in time until the next first, is to live in each moment anew.

Exactly like first kisses are intended to be.

New Beginnings

With every ending is a new beginning, more beautiful, more deep and more lovely than before.

With every moment of deciding what I haven’t wanted, I’ve been able to discover what I do want.

Every time I have walked away from not good enough, I find that the universe provides me with something better.

It’s been there all along, the best my creator can offer, I just have missed it.

Too focused on the past to see what’s right in front of me, what’s here and now is so much more than before.

It’s the gentle wave of a new beginning.

Beauty and hope all wrapped up together in something truthful.

I hear you universe, whispering in my ear, “Push on forward, my gifts are just beginning.”

Wide Open

My heart is wide open, flowing, like silk curtains blowing in the breeze through a patio door in the summer time.

I feel so much that it fills me up and shines through every cell of my body.

This life is full of wondrous beauty in moments of perfection when I know I am alive and I know exactly what being alive means.

The song of birds chirping in the trees, wind on my face, caressing my arms, as the sun kisses every thing it touches, this is when with feet planted firmly on the ground, I am one with consciousness.

This is connection.

Truth, Love, Solution


The most powerful thing on the planet is love.

I’ve never found that loving more hasn’t made any situation, any problem, better.

Loving the human being that I am and loving others has proven to be the thing that cuts through all fear and doubt.

Love is what connects us all.

Love is the truth of our being.

Love more today without needy attachment, without expectations.

Love freely with all that you are.

It’s always the solution.


Safe And Protected

The universe always has answers all around me, all the time, to all my questions if I just open my eyes to them.

It’s like these flashing signs screaming for my attention.

When my ego is loud and I’m caught up in expectations, resistance, and personal desires, I can’t see what’s right in front of me.

The more I try to “figure things out” with thinking, the less chance I have to be connected to the answers within.

The answers will not come from my thinking.

Times of quiet meditation, just slowing down altogether and being present, is necessary for knowing which direction to go and what path to take.

In times of indecision, although it’s taken practice and I’m never perfect, I have made progress on not reacting but just waiting until I’m sure of what action to take.

When answers become clear that’s when I need courage.

Courage enables me to step out from fear and into faith and trust, that God has my back no matter what, and I then I can follow what I know to be true.

I feel the power flow through me from a strengthened connection with God when I do this and feel the presence of God all around me.

I feel safe.