A Time For Living


When life gets full I tend to not have time to write or have words to offer.

However, there is a time to write about life and a time to live it.

Honoring That Voice

There is a voice inside me speaking clearly

It comes not from my head but from the center of my being

It wants me to give, love and serve others

Spirit wants me to just love and serve you

Right here

Right now

It wants me to follow where it leads

Ego wants to tell me otherwise

Oh but my past, the things I’ve done, the life I have led, the things that have happened, I won’t get what I need, everyone will leave me, I am who I have thought I was

Don’t trust

Be afraid to love

Let no one in

My story, my story, my story

Spirit says trust in me and you will be free

I am not my past

I am not that character I have played in my story

Through following the voice of my creator that lives inside me

By answering to that voice and no one else

Making no apologies for honoring the gift of knowing

I become who God intended me to be

My path becomes clearer

Purpose is revealed

I grow closer to the feeling of oneness and connection to all things in the universe

Walking through fear and constantly in trust

I find the freedom I have always been seeking


Spiritual High

Today has been the best day ever!

It’s only 3:05pm.

It doesn’t happen all that often thank God but it seems that the few times lately when I don’t want to do things or go places I get the biggest surprises.

I just show up, try and be as present as I can, say yes to any way I am asked to be of service and give love to my fellows.

I get to meet amazing, evolved new friends and get to feel truly connected to the world and the people around me.

I feel a part of.

All I have to do is just be and God does the rest.

Just by being present and loving, the world unfolds right in front of me.

There is absolutely no substitute for a spiritual high.

It is breathtaking.

Embrace the day!

Creating my own reality

I create my own reality.

My thoughts and what I focus on is what I see and experience in the world and that includes focusing on what I don’t want.

If I focus on what I don’t want, I manifest it.

I don’t want to be unhappy.

I am unhappy.

I don’t want to live in the past.

I can’t get out of the past.

I focus on pain.

All I see in the world is pain.

When my focus shifts away from the reasons I should be grateful, I feel like the world has been unkind to me and I am hollow.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Putting my faith in the material world above God and growth of my spirit (money, the clothes, the job, the car, the “right connections”, the “right friends”, promotions, raises) that never worked to fill the emptiness before, I will continue to feel empty.

When I think that those things must come first for me to be okay, I am not okay.

I need to be consistently aware of what kinds of people and energy I let touch my mind and my spirit, because my thoughts become the world I live in.

What is the lasting kind of solution that makes me feel whole?

It is the reliance and connection with God.

When I focus on what I want out of life, love, acceptance, safety, inner peace, connection, hope, happiness and goodness, that is all I see.

When I put out light and love into the world, my reality changes around me and all I experience is light and love.

When I am trusting of others, I feel I can trust.

What I get is directly proportional to what I give.

It’s selfish to put my pain and suffering out into the world because, sometimes unknowingly, even if it’s writing on my blog, I suck the energy out of everyone I touch.

The ripple effect of negative thinking affects the consciousness of all humans.

The belief that my suffering only effects me is a self centered belief.

It is not truth.

Just for today, I will focus on what I want to see in the world and what I want to create in my own life.

I will be conscious of each thought, word or action I allow.

I will patiently wait for the universe to respond.

I will watch a beautiful life spring up around me.

I will hold the belief that world, with all it’s people, is a terrific place to be, full of love and hope.