Emotionally Self Supporting

There is growth in every experience. The suffering comes from the judgement I place on what I’ve done and the choices I’ve made.

I need to have a complete shift in perspective in the way I view the world to survive this thing called alcoholism. I was told I could be happy, happy, happy to have learned that I have the gift of not only the intuitiveness, knowing what I know, but that I can no longer go against what my soul cannot tolerate.

There is freedom in saying what I need to say, when I need to say it and without the bondage of what the world would tell me or fear of the results. I was told to act on my truth and let the chips fall where they may.

That’s being true to myself.

That’s faith in a higher power.

When I can know that walking away from something my ego wants and trust that what’s in store ahead of me is more beautiful than I ever could’ve imagined, I can move forward.

When I refuse to settle for less, I get so much more.

Everything will be exactly as it should be.

A weight is lifted when I can be free of “needing” anything or anyone. With God’s help I can be emotionally self supporting. It’s essential for me to really have a concept of God that I can give these wants to. I have to know without a doubt that I can trust this thing with my life, future and happiness.

That has been the turning point for me.

As I feel sadness, fear and lost at times, I don’t need to stay there. Climbing out of a down word spiral of my thinking mind can be agonising but in my heart I know it’s possible.

It’s happened for me and others.

The first step in this is for me to ask, “God please help me.”