I Dare to Dream


And always life responds, and provides abundance to what we focus on.

I dare to dream and then the dream becomes real.

I envisioned myself here, in this place, with this amazing career in a field I care deeply about, with this life.

I ignored all the boundaries, the walls became doors, and I continue to live a life with purpose.

All I ever wanted was for my life to matter.

And today, it does.

Positivity and Living

What happens when you focus on retraining yourself to think positive, stay present, stay in gratitude, bring light to all situations, serve your creator and love without conditions?

Life opens up in ways unimaginable.

Yes it takes practice, especially when we have lived our lives contrary to this way of life.

We never get perfect.

However, I’ve experienced and continue to experience the dramatic turn life takes when constantly practicing this way of life.

Every single area of my life has gotten better.

Most importantly I have been given inner peace, love, connection, companionship, and more ways to serve the planet and the people on it.

It’s been possible by holding on during the tough times and riding it like the wind when it’s great.

Creating my own reality

I create my own reality.

My thoughts and what I focus on is what I see and experience in the world and that includes focusing on what I don’t want.

If I focus on what I don’t want, I manifest it.

I don’t want to be unhappy.

I am unhappy.

I don’t want to live in the past.

I can’t get out of the past.

I focus on pain.

All I see in the world is pain.

When my focus shifts away from the reasons I should be grateful, I feel like the world has been unkind to me and I am hollow.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Putting my faith in the material world above God and growth of my spirit (money, the clothes, the job, the car, the “right connections”, the “right friends”, promotions, raises) that never worked to fill the emptiness before, I will continue to feel empty.

When I think that those things must come first for me to be okay, I am not okay.

I need to be consistently aware of what kinds of people and energy I let touch my mind and my spirit, because my thoughts become the world I live in.

What is the lasting kind of solution that makes me feel whole?

It is the reliance and connection with God.

When I focus on what I want out of life, love, acceptance, safety, inner peace, connection, hope, happiness and goodness, that is all I see.

When I put out light and love into the world, my reality changes around me and all I experience is light and love.

When I am trusting of others, I feel I can trust.

What I get is directly proportional to what I give.

It’s selfish to put my pain and suffering out into the world because, sometimes unknowingly, even if it’s writing on my blog, I suck the energy out of everyone I touch.

The ripple effect of negative thinking affects the consciousness of all humans.

The belief that my suffering only effects me is a self centered belief.

It is not truth.

Just for today, I will focus on what I want to see in the world and what I want to create in my own life.

I will be conscious of each thought, word or action I allow.

I will patiently wait for the universe to respond.

I will watch a beautiful life spring up around me.

I will hold the belief that world, with all it’s people, is a terrific place to be, full of love and hope.


We are not the physical

“Synchronicity is an interconnection with the Universe with an underlying web of linkages that brings people and events together in a way not based in a traditional comprehension of causality.”

The higher our awareness, the more we raise our consciousness, we begin to realize that we less our actual physical form but spiritual beings in a human form. The ideas and labels that have separated us from our fellow humans start to fall away.

We are not our bodies, our gender, sexuality or race.

We are a soul, a spirit, an energy, a piece of the universe.

When we start to loose focus on the distraction of the physical world we can start to see truth and move towards God.

My highest purpose is to shine love and light into the lives of others, adding to the endless reaching ripple effect of positivity.

As I strive to evolve towards unconditional love, away from self and ego, I move closer to my true destiny.



I am grateful for faith


Alcoholics Anonymous

The 12 steps


The universe

My beautiful boys

The relationship with my ex husband who I can always lean on no matter what

My mother’s love and support

The love of amazing friends who have become my family


Humming birds








Warm weather

Los Angeles

The ocean

The breeze that brushes past my skin



Kind acts





Second chances







Music has always been extremely important to me and my spiritual, mental and emotional well being.  It really has the power to alter my mood and I choose very carefully what I listen to.  

I recently rediscovered The Sundays, a British band that I listened to years ago, that always made me feel really good.  There’s something about the lead singer’s voice that is angelic and the accent doesn’t hurt either.

Here are the lyrics and a link to Love, off of their 1992 album Blind.


Picture myself as a thin white child
Back to the day I was born on
They slapped me into line as it crossed my mind
I’ve felt better
I’ve felt worse

This is my life and it’s all very well
But never, never, never again
As they say “We’ve been robbed”
And don’t you know that this time

Love, love, love, just love yourself like no one else
Love, it’s enough
They can say what they like but they still can’t take that

Distance myself from the things I’d like but
Everyone has something I need
Don’t let me wake up & find
All those others leaving me behind

If you don’t have a clue about life
Then I’m happy, happy, happy to say
Neither have I although
I’m not going to shrug my shoulders & suck my thumb
This time
Cos there’s something I deserve

Love, love, love, just love yourself like no one else
Love, it’s enough
They can say what they like but they still can’t take that

Picture my house in a postcard town
Picture a bomb in the sky
History at your door
Who could ask for more?
I’ve felt better

So kill me with love, love, love
Just love yourself like no one else
Love, it’s enough
They can say what they like but they still can’t take that