The Lost Little Soul

And out of the blue, and angel appeared. The little soul, lost in darkness, recognized the light shining from the angel with blue eyes so bright, so untouched by the evils of this world.

The little soul asked the Angel questions, “How do I escape all this darkness? How do I leave a life I so much do not want to be in? Tell me everything!”

The Angel answered in a soft voice, “Everything you seek is within you, if you want to leave this darkness then take my hand and I will show you the way out.”

The little soul was afraid, darkness is all it ever knew. But the one thing it did know, beyond a doubt, was that it knew this Angel very well. They had met before in another life and fate or destiny brought them together again, at the time the little soul needed her most.

And every soul has free will, to do as it pleases, to choose light or to choose dark. Frozen in indecision, the soul did not choose. But not choosing, is a choice, and so the Angel moved on, tears of sadness streaming down it’s cheeks as she left the little soul behind but the Angel understood the importance of choice.

To this day, the Angel dreams of the day they will reunite, in this life or the next, as kindred spirits always do, and waits at the bottom of the tree of wisdom, picking daisies, for the choice to finally be made.

Is He Right For Me?

For all the ladies out there who are struggling with choosing the right kind of guy to spend your time with and open your heart to, I hope this clarifies things.  From my experiences with Mr. Wrong, I can recognize what types of behaviors and dangerous in a partner.  When all else fails and you don’t know what to do, choose self respect.  If it doesn’t make you feel good it’s probably not good.

You know he’s Mr. Wrong when:

He likes to point out your shortcomings.  There’s enough people out there that will be more than willing to do that.  

He tells you to put away your tears and stop talking about it.

If you get the feeling that he loves your outsides more, it’s not love.  It’s lust and lust fades.

If he is too busy telling you what he needs from you instead of asking what you need from him and then giving it.

He gets jealous of your accomplishments and always has to mention his accomplishments when you succeed.

He tells you when to try something new or when to hold back.  He should always encourage you to find something new that you can be great at.

You end up treating yourself with more respect than he does.

He would rather look down your shirt then in your eyes.  Enough said.


You know you have found a keeper when:

He wipes your tears and doesn’t get all uncomfortable when you cry around him.

When he loves your mind first and it causes him to love your body even more. 

He will open up about his feelings.  

He will not shy from a difficult conversation.  

He will meet problems head on, honestly and not apologize for it.

He is your biggest cheerleader.

He pushes you to do more, be more and accomplish more.

He cherishes every day with you and never gets insecure about giving you space.

He tells you how he feels and doesn’t expect you to just “know”.

He follows up loving words with loving ACTIONS.