Friends and Truth

Thank god I have loving people in my life, surrounding me, that tell me the truth. They don’t co-sign on my crap and tell me what I want to hear to make me “feel better”.

They don’t hold my hand and placate me co-dependenttly.

That is not love.

They love me enough to risk me being angry by hearing the harsh truth from them.

If the ones I care about continually were to tell me that hurtful behaviour was okay, that I am right to be angry, cowardly, selfish and self centered, then my ego will grasp onto that and tell me I don’t need to change anything.

That I am justified in my actions.

I don’t need to grow towards anything better.

I am stuck.

But I choose those to surround myself with.

If I don’t really want truth and growth, I won’t allow people into my circle that won’t let me get away with selfish, ego driven behaviour.

If I stay stuck I do not grow.

I suffer.

And most of all harm myself.

“Our very lives, as ex-problem drinkers, DEPEND upon our constant thought of others and how we may help meet their needs.” Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

5 Principles To Freedom

The 5 spiritual principles that lead me to freedom that I have sought my who human life are:

1. To thine own self be true

I follow it no matter what. I don’t let fear of consequences, people’s reactions or my thinking mind determine how I live in this day. I push fear aside and follow my heart. I don’t allow my ego or pride to dictate my actions.

2. Loving without conditions

It’s always about loving more, never less. I allow myself to love and be loving. Only when I give love to others, can I feel love and allow myself to be loved. It’s never in the seeking.

3. Non-judgement

Truth is there is no good and bad, right and wrong, should and shouldn’t. That is the lie the ego tells us. It is a trap that keeps us isolated from God and away from the light.

4. Non-violation

I don’t cause harm to myself or others. Shutting of from God, being unwilling, stuck and not reaching for solution harms me and I, in turn, harm others.

5. Presence

I stay in the now. I let go of the past and stay out of the future. I allow God to work in my life and experience peace. I turn everything over. I remain present so I can see the beauty of what’s been given to me. I allow people in. I remain teachable. I stay open and allow the experience of right now.

I have been given everything I need. It’s whether I choose to recognise the gifts from God or turn away from them.

Do I live in self will and return to insanity?

Or do I let go?

The choice is mine alone.

Let Go And Just Be Present

When the now becomes intolerable, I know it’s time to let go and move on.

I don’t have to follow my knowing but when I don’t I suffer.

Every experience I’ve had I’ve needed to grow spiritually, to learn what I’ve needed to learn and to get to the next thing.

And I have experience and proof in my own life that the next thing is ALWAYS way better when I believe in the fact that I meant for something better.

When I set my intentions out in the universe it responds, for me lately, rather quickly.

One of the most important things I’m learning to practice is to listen to my soul, my spirit, my heart and follow that no matter what anyone says or thinks.

The steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and my angelic sponsor are my guide to fine tuning my connection with God and hearing the answers from within me.

My relationship with God and the universe is mine alone.

It’s for me to find the answers within.

The answer is not for any other human on the planet to tell me where I should be, what I should do or what experiences are necessary for me to fulfill my purpose on this earth.

When I stay present I am not in fear and miracles happen around me.

People are placed in my life at the exact time they should be and more importantly I am present to recognize it.

I’m not missing anything.

My faith in God is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

Life just keeps getting better and better.

Today is a miracle.

The best is yet to come.