A Story Of Bad Timing

Weaving past one another
Intersecting for moments
Different directions

Never being direct
Cryptic messages
Never facing reality

Sneaking into subconscious
Life a thief in the night
Stealing peace

Not wanting
Go away come back


Why waste another day
When I love you
And I believe you love me too



If you allow me to borrow your heart

For as long as the heavens determine

If you allow me to keep it safe

For as long as the sun shines on this moment of time

Even though I can never call it mine

It is not to be possessed

It belongs to no one

It was created by God just for you

Even though it shall be forever free to follow where it shall go

If you allow your heart to come find shelter beside my own

For as long as the puzzle pieces fit

And walk along the path towards light in sweet harmony

Relaxing into the beauty of togetherness

Leaving behind the illusion of the past

Jumping off the waterfall cliffs of possibility

Connecting to it’s missing piece

If you allow me to borrow your heart

I will lend mine out to you